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The Role of Booster Clubs

Few student programs can afford to pay for even the most basic expenses without fundraising. An engaged booster club champions student programs, ensuring their success.

In the past, parents and students organized booster clubs at the high school and college level to support athletic teams, bands, or other student clubs.

In more recent years, school budget cuts have significantly reduced or even stopped providing the resources student organizations need. Many of the basic needs are obvious: Items used by the kids (sports equipment, band instruments, uniforms), a place to hold their activity (playfield, auditorium, practice space), and attire (uniforms, dance outfits, costumes).

Booster clubs help fill these funding gaps, focusing on raising money for both the planned and the unexpected expenses.

A basic budget can cover expected expenses. It can be well-planned with the funds raised over time. Schools often use raffles, auctions, and door-to-door sales (candy, cookie dough, beef sticks). Local fundraising events have a number of downsides. (For more information, check out our Middle School Fundraising Ideas blog article.) As a result, online fundraising has gained in popularity.

And what if the team gets invited to regional or national competitions? These are glorious opportunities that validate the hard work of the students. Yet, they’re expensive endeavors, requiring travel, transportation, lodging, and food. Suddenly, there’s a need for quick fundraising. Online fundraising is the answer.

The ideal online fundraiser is fast, generating revenue that can be direct deposited to the Booster account throughout the fundraiser, enabling access and the ability to start buying equipment or making reservations quickly. It reaches supporters and donors outside of the immediate area. It’s safe and secure. It provides visibility into and accountability for the money raised. The two most significant reasons booster clubs run online fundraisers is that they raise more money and take less time.

What are the key benefits of running a fully digital fundraiser? Raise more, National Reach, time saved, safety and security for all users, improved donor stewardship.

Not all fundraising platforms are equally effective and trustworthy. What questions do you need to ask before committing to a fundraising company? How can you choose the option that’s right for your booster club?

We’ve created a Booster Partner Guide that explains digital fundraising and helps you ask the right questions.

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