• Our fundraising solution. Fund your program and support who matters with Snap! Raise.

        • Our online home for spirit wear. Promote your program in your community year-round.

        • We believe that all families can and should be engaged with their children’s schools and education.

        • Our money management tool. Manage your program funds and support what matters with Snap! Spend.

        • Snap! Manage technology supports the many elements and individuals that keep extracurricular programs running.

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image depicting online tech managing banking and finances

What Is Snap! Manage?

Illustration of computer screen with Snap! logo and Groundwork logo to depict the acquisition of groundwork by Snap! Mobile

Snap! Mobile Acquires Fintech Pioneer, Groundwork

silohuette of customers standing on a block which says what our customers say

Here's What Groundwork (now Snap! Spend) Customers Say

Papers and computer keypad depicting graphs for budgeting

When Budgeting for a School Travel Team

A calculator, money, and a paper for tracking

Tips for Managing Money on a Travel Sports Team

Silhouette of a person swinging a bat with a background of blue skiy and white couds

Knock It Out of The Park with Snap! Spend

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